"The perfect Bulldog (English Bulldog) must be of medium
size and smooth coat; with heavy, thick-set, low-swung body,
massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs.
The general appearance and attitude should suggest great
stability, vigor and strength. The disposition should be kind,
resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and
demeanor should be pacific and dignified. These attributes
should be countenanced by the expression and behavior."
    - The American Kennel Club


We are a small hobby breeder located on Long Island, Medford, NY. Our dogs and puppies are raised inside our home, under foot with lots of hugs, kisses
and socialization. They are watched 24/7 around the clock. Our puppies come with Micro chipping, AKC and or NKC registration ,up to date shots, worming
and are Vet checked at least twice before going to their new home. We don't just breed to make more puppies, we carefully select our dogs to ensure the best
quality pup is born. Raising bulldog puppies takes a lot of time and energy, this why we breed only 2-3 quality litters per year. Because the "Moms" need C-
sections they are only bred once a year. When the Moms are no longer breedable, They are spayed. Occasionally we offer them up for adoption, but usually
they spend the rest of their lives right here with us. Check out the Available puppies page for adoptable dogs. We do not like to ship our puppies, but
occasionally under ideal conditions we may make exceptions. We prefer to sell our puppies in the North East (i.e. NY,NJ,CT,RI,VT,& MASS let us not forget
our friends in PA)


English bulldogs are very special dogs with a unique personality. Part of the Bulldogs charm is they look so tough but aren’t at all. They are wonderful clowns
and have a sense of humor, and will do just about anything to make you laugh. But don't be fooled Bulldogs are not push overs, they will stand their ground
when the need arises. Bulldogs are great companions, and are wonderful with children. English bulldog puppies are full of energy and mischief, and mature
very slowly, making them very puppy like until they are at least 2 years old. English bulldogs tend to be stubborn and very self assured. When they are told to
do something they ponder for themselves how and when to do it.

Bulldog, breed of thick-set non-sporting dog developed in the British Isles many centuries ago. It stands from 13 to 15 in. high at the shoulder and weighs
from 40 to 50 lb  Its short, straight, flat-lying coat is a glossy brindle, white, red, or fawn in color. The low-slung body, broad chest, large skull, and
undershot jaw of the bulldog give it an appearance of stubbornness and defiance, two qualities necessary to its original role as a bullbaiter and pit fighter.
These sports also required a high degree of ferocity, but after 1835, when such contests were made illegal, viciousness and intractability were progressively
eliminated from the breed. Today the bulldog makes a gentle, devoted companion and pet.They are commonly refered to as English Bulldogs as to not to be
confused with American Bulldogs or french Bulldogs.


It is not true that All Bulldogs have health problems!

We have owned Bulldogs for  25 years and I have had very few with serious chronic health problems. They do exist, you just need to investigate carefully and
avoid them. It is true that some Bulldogs, just as with any breed, do have health problems. This is especially true in purebred dogs because of controlled
breeding. A reputable breeder should give you a written health guarantee against congenital health defects. This should include a reasonable amount of time
for you to have your new friend examined, normally two or three days, and it should specify the length of time this guarantee covers. That is always our
policy at Nightrun Bulldogs and we put in writing.

Not all veterinarians are knowledgeable about treating Bulldogs and their idiosyncrasies. It is best to use a veterinarian who has experience with Bulldogs,
especially for any procedure that requires anesthesia. If at all possible, you should try to get a veterinarian referral from an established Bulldogger in your

Bulldogs do have some special needs and do require some special care. If you are looking for a dog that you can just throw out in the yard and forget, except
to provide food and water, look elsewhere! That kind of treatment just will not work with a Bulldog. However, if you are looking for a lovable, loyal
companion who needs, craves and enjoys the daily care you must give him, and if you enjoy having someone dependent on you in that manner, a Bulldog just
may be right for you.


Skin Wrinkle Infections (skin fold pyoderma)

Skin wrinkles and folds provide an ideal location for the growth of bacteria.This infection can be found as tail-fold pyoderma in bulldogs (screw tails). The
usual signs are irritation and inflammation of the skin, causing discomfort to the dog and "scooting." The moist skin becomes infected and gives off a foul
odor. Relief is obtained by bathing the skin with a surgical soap, being sure to thoroughly clean the skin under the tail. This may entail using your finger with
a washcloth saturated in the surgical soap and inserting behind the screws of the tail to the skin underneath. It may be painful to the dog, so care must be
taken. Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and dry as much as possible. Bulldogs are prone to wrinkle infections on their faces,
particularly under the nose wrinkle. As a grooming device, clean the wrinkles regularly (daily is recommended).The wrinkle and fold under the dog's eyes
may also be a source of infection and/or discoloration (rust). This is normally caused by tearing of the eyes or even eyelashes which grow inward
(entropion). Left untreated, this can lead to eye ulcerations and dry eye. Keeping that area as dry as possible is essential to avoid this problem.

Acute Moist Dermatitis (pyotraumatic dermatitis)

Pyotraumatic dermatitis (hot spots) are warm, painful, swollen patches of skin which exude pus and give off a foul odor. These circular patches appear
suddenly and enlarge rapidly, often within a few hours. Hair is lost rapidly. It is a bacterial skin infection which progresses through self-mutilation. Fleas, ear
and anal gland problems, skin irritants, allergies, and other factions are probably responsible for initiating the cycle. Hot spots are common and appear on
the neck, ears, chest, rump and flanks. Early detection and cleaning of the infected area is required. It is always recommended to bring your dog to the vet if
you are unsure of suspicious looking skin.


Cherry Eye    

Cherry Eye is one of the most common eye problems in the Bulldogs. Some veterinarians believed it is stressed induced. It happens when the tear gland
located on the inside corner of a dogs third eyelid prolapses. It appears like a red cherry growth on the inside corner of the eye. It can cause  a bit of pain and
discomfort, and with prolonged exposure to air the gland can become inflamed and infected. You primarily see it in young Bulldog puppies. If the gland does
not go down in a few days by it's self , it will need to be surgically corrected.


Inward rolling of an eyelid, normally on the lower lid of the English Bulldog. This rolling causes the eyelashes to rub against the eyeball, which can cause
excess tearing, squinting and eye ulcers. Entropion can occur with in a few months from birth, or later in life. This can be surgically corrected by your

A condition where extra eyelashes, from a few eyelashes to an extra row, grow just inside the edge of the eyelid and rub against the eyeball. The  Distichia
may or may not cause problems until adulthood. If they start to cause excessive tearing and or eye ulcers they need to be removed by your Veterinarian.


Hot weather is detrimental to your Bulldog!

Bulldogs and hot weather are two things that don't mix well. Because of the bulldog's throat anatomy, excessive panting is quite dangerous. When the throat
becomes irritated from too much panting, it can swell shut, causing suffocation. The preventive measures you take beforehand will be well worth your time.
Here are a few:

Heatstroke can result from overexposure to the sun, strenuous or too much exercise in hot weather, or from being in a car on a hot day. Being confined in a
building, room or crate without adequate ventilation/cooling is dangerous. Some symptoms of heatstroke may include difficulty breathing, panting, foaming
at the mouth, thick stringy saliva, noisy breathing, tongue hanging out, collapse, or unconsciousness. During hot weather, to avoid heatstroke, keep your
bully in the coolest location you have to offer. If you have air conditioning in your home, keep him inside. If you don't, you can wet him down and keep an
electric fan circulating air. Put ice cubes in his water; put a "kiddy pool" in your back yard for him filled with a few inches of water (and teach him how to use
it). A cool basement may not  be sufficient. Shade from a tree in your back yard is not going to be sufficient either to keep the dog cool. The most important
thing you must do if you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke is to GET YOUR BULLDOG TO THE VET'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.

For your bulldog's sake, and your own, take the necessary precautions during warm weather. If you tempt fate by not making sure he stays cool, you could
very well end up with a dead pet!




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